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A. R. Rahman and Craig Armstrong - Opening
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120. After James had found out that Lily was pregnant, he thought very hard for nine months about what his first words to his child would be.

The first time he held Harry, all those things dropped out his head and all James could manage to sputter out was, “You’re not ginger.”

I really hate when I put food in the microwave and it starts popping and making explosive noises so I check it and it’s freezing cold like why you gotta play me like that


Swan on my leg (by Mayo Wo)

Very slowly using two fingers, Annabeth drew her dagger. Instead of dropping it, she tossed it as far as she could into the water.

Octavian made a squeaking sound. “What was that for? I didn’t say toss it! That could’ve been evidence. Or spoils of war!”

Annabeth tried for a dumb-blonde smile, like: Oh, silly me. Nobody who knew her would have been fooled. But Octavian seemed to buy it. He huffed in exasperation.

"You other two…" He pointed his blade a Hazel and Piper. "Put your weapons on the dock. No funny bus—"

All around the Romans, Charleston Harbor erupted like a Las Vegas fountain putting on a show. When the wall of seawater subsided, the three Romans were in the bay, spluttering and frantically trying to stay afloat in their armor. Percy stood on the dock, holding Annabeth’s dagger.

"You dropped this," he said, totally poker-faced.

― Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena
who the fuck design bus seats


“You are my sunshine…my only sunshine…”

Sixteen year old Cooper Anderson rocked his seven-year-old brother softly, mindlessly petting his curls, brushing them back from his wet forehead, singing softly to him.

Cooper tried not to think of what his bed would feel like right now, how warm and soft it would be. But looking down at his little brother, the cut on his jaw, and thinking of his own stinging eye, aching head, he knew they could never go back there.

They wouldn’t go back there.

“You make me happy when skies are gray…”

Above them, rain beat down on the fire escape of the car shop that was currently serving as their umbrella. He cuddled Blaine closer, ignoring the shiver that wracked his own body, and readjusted his coat that was currently serving as the sleeping boy’s blanket. He tilted his head against the dumpster he was hiding against, blinking tiredly.

He tried not to think of all the stories he’d seen on the news, the stories of the homeless kids starving, sleeping in gutters, dying on the side of the road. No, that wasn’t going to be them. Tomorrow Cooper would take Blaine to a church, they always helped kids right? They could watch Blaine and he could find a job. Maybe they could even sleep there. That could work. They could be ok. Blaine could be ok.

“You’ll never know dear, how much I love you…”

He thought to the fight that brought them to where they are now. The yelling, the screaming, the hitting. Cooper shivered. Their mother raising a hand to them wasn’t new but that fight had been a new level of bad. She was screaming at them, insulting them, berating them, calling them mistakes. She’d take a swig of her beer and then take a swing at Cooper. It was a daily ritual.

But that night…that fight…it had been different. Because she wasn’t just hitting Cooper. She hit Blaine. The boy hadn’t stayed hidden in his room as Cooper normally had him do. He didn’t get the chance.

Cooper thought of the terrified look on Blaine’s face as he crashed to the floor, as Cooper jumped in between and got a beer bottle to the head.

A sob escaped his throat, but the pounding rain drowned it out.

You don’t need her. He told himself, the rage burning inside him. You can take care of Blaine on your own. You have taken care of Blaine on your own for the past seven years. You don’t need her. We don’t need her.

Cooper looked down to Blaine, asleep in his lap, and held him tight. They were going to be ok. They were going to survive this. They didn’t need their mom. They didn’t need a home. They didn’t need anyone.

They didn’t need anyone. Not as long as they had each other.

“Oh, please don’t take my sunshine away…”